Who are we?

Students and Development [E&D]: The student network of international cooperation organizations

Despite the growing inequalities tearing the world apart in northern as well as in southern countries, we all live on the same planet. Whatever their background and whatever their conditions of living, youth from all around the world share logo E_Da common enthusiasm and generosity, and feel an urge to work together for a more united and fair world.
Very dynamic and enthusiastic, student organizations are also filled with questions regarding international cooperation. S&D was created in 1994 to answer this need for exchange of experiences and interconnection among student and youth organizations.
S&D is the French student network of international cooperation organizations. It gathers youth and student organizations dealing with international cooperation through educational, health and building – related programs in southern countries and informal education (sensitivity to development issues) in northern countries.
Networking is a good way for student and youth organizations to share their vision of development and the way to improve relations between southern and northern countries. It is also a way to build awareness among students on international cooperation issues, and to share information on the projects they are leading.
Such networking and enthusiasm of these organizations shouldn’t get stopped by national borders. Students and youth from all countries must work together in order to create common projects and build a common philosophy.
Links developed thanks to S&D and the organizations part of its network enables both organizations from northern and southern countries to go further in the construction of common dynamics.
Join us now! http://www.etudiantsetdeveloppement.org

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