The Wiki Weekers 2013

Here is a short presentation of our wonderful Wiki Weekers 2013!


PaolaAmabile_profile_Say_it_Loud_2013My name is Paola Amabile and I am a freelance designer passionate about development and social innovation. I am 27 years old and I live in Italy at the moment. In 2008 I received a Bachelor degree in International Development and Cooperation (Padua, Italy) and I took part in some international development projects in Egypt and in Guinea Bissau. I have always been interested in design thinking and inter-culture and in 2008 I integrated my knowledge with a Bachelor of Creative Design and Communication at Scuola Italiana Design, Padua. During the last years I worked in Milan as communication, graphic and product designer. In April 2013 I participated at Milan Design Week exhibiting an high human value project about processes and materials realized in collaboration with A.Fabbian and with the participation of local artisans. I am a creative and proactive person that tries to look at things from many perspectives. I am totally motivated to get involved in “Say it Loud!” workshop because I believe that is a great opportunity to connect different people, everyone with their own stories, experiences and energies in order to create something new and usefull. See you soon guys!



My name is Molly, I’m 26 years old and have grown up in Cornwall, a Celtic region of the UK but I have also lived, worked and travelled in many countries around the world. Currently I live with my fiancé floating on the River Fal in a 47ft sailing boat. I graduated last year with a degree in ‘International Development’, where I specialised on issues surrounding sustainable development and corporate accountability. I regard myself a sociable and friendly character who is passionate about development and activism. I love meeting and working with new people and enjoy taking on challenges! I applied to take part in the ‘Wiki Week for Development’ 2013, as I believe development education and transnational consciousness raising vitally important steps towards achieving a sustainable and fair future for all humanity and the planet. I am also greatly looking forward to meeting everyone on the team!



IsabellMy name is Isabell Braunger. I live in Berlin (but I grew up in the south of Germany) and i´am 27 years old. I studied political science and sociology. Currently I do an internship at a German NGO. The main part of my work is to write texts for a publication about working conditions in Brazilians orange plantations and how the market power of the five main supermarkets in Germany influence the situation there. Alongside I do ecological educational work with school classes. Last year I participated at an exchange program with Nicaragua. We were a group of four people, two from Germany and two from Nicaragua. We worked with German and Nicaraguan school classes about our personal influence of the climate change. Since a few years I deal with alternative ways of economy (solidary economy or post-growth-economy). With some friends I opened a free shop (where you can bring stuff you don´t need any more or take things you need). It goes very well :). I´am interested in get to know more methodologies how to work with young people about topics of social and ecological sustainability / justice. Methodologies that give space for a critical dialog, don´t order the right way to behave, as well as make fun. In my free time I like to be creative especially with clay. Actually I try to sell some of the stuff I made because my room is full already :). I feel well if there are a lot of people around me (one of the reasons why I like Berlin). While cooking or doing sports I can relax. i´am looking forward to get to know you all.


DSC_2351Hi ! My name is Estera Emerle, I am 22 and I am from Poland. I live in Poznań in the capital of Greater Poland. This year I am graduating in one of my majors (Russian – English philology). I am also a student of political science. During my studies I get some experience with children and students. I used to work in charity programs. Now I know that I would like to do something in order to make our life better and easier. I am a huge enthusiast when it comes to human rights. I took part in some conferences and I still want to develop myself. I believe that Wiki Week will bring many new ideas and great friends with whom I will be able to change our global world. Also, I worked in radio station, news paper and TV program which taught me how to make a contact with other people no matter how old they are and from what culture they come from. I love spending time with people all around me, because it makes my day better. This workshop is a perfect possibility to find new reasons and ideas . So …. Wiki Weekers ! See you soon in Rennes !


oktay ercanHey there! I’m Oktay. I attend from Ankara, Turkey and I’m 29 years old. I live and work in Ankara moreover it’s my hometown. However, I travel frequently and have been in international environments for several times and purposes. I work as a Jr. Expert in a ministry. At the office we program and occasionally grant EU/other funded projects. Having the notion I also train on the Project Cycle Management (PCM). Basically I’m a man of projects. While I was cruising on the Grundtvig Workshops Catalogue 2013, our meeting point “Say It Loud!” caught my eye right away. This well planned organization and it’s aimed outcomes fits what I had in mind for a workshop. For the projects we program at the office “awareness raising” is mostly a challenge. Long story short, I expect to gain a different perspective on the issue. Having the chance, I sincerely appreciate the The Wiki Week Team for giving me this opportunity to attend the event and of course visiting Rennes for that matter. See you all there!  Görüşürüz! 😉


BogdanMy name is Folea Bogdan-Alexandru and I’m from Romania. I’m 24 years old. I graduated the Faculty of Journalism, Communications and Public Relations and the Faculty of Political Science from University of Bucharest and now I study at the Faculty of European Public Administration to get a Master Degree. Since last year I work for a company which transport electricity in the HR department-branch of communication and representation. During my studies, I have been concerned about cultural and social values of other countries. I also speak fluent English and French. I came from a country whose history is very rich in cultural events and I also participated in several volunteer activities on environmental issues at the national and international level. I work in the Communication and Representation Department and I think communication is essential in any activity. For this reason the meeting with other participants from other European countries will be , for me, an integration model which allows the acceptance of people of different social  and cultural characteristics. Integration into the  European cultural space, promoting linguistic diversity and promoting self-esteem and the respect for the other , are essential features for a European citizen.


ChafikHi Everybody ! My name is Chafik, I come from Lyon in France, and my roots are from Morocco. My cultural background is specially what stimulated my desire to travel and discover different people around the world. People say that I’m dynamic, honest and open minded. I began my studies in chemistry but I soon realized that it wasn’t made for me. I than decided to do a Bachelor’s degree in Sciences of Education. I’m a  social worker and I work as a Professional Integration Councilor with teenagers. I help them to restore their self esteem and give them the skills to succeed in their social integration. I’m involved in many humanitarian organizations in France and try to help deprived families, but I also took part in several International Solidarity Actions such as the “Gaza Freedom March” in Cairo 2009, the “Freedom Flotilla II” in Athens 2011 and I’ve been many times in Palestine by accompanying groups of young people within the framework “All Witnesses All Actors” carried by the association Young Europeans for Right, Peace and Solidarity. I’ve participated to several workshops in order to create educational tools to raiseawareness on international solidarity issues. I have already attended an international exchange on the theme of the media which was really enriching. Gathering young people of Europe and the Near East, we had workshops in English which ended in the creation of interesting supports(media). The interculturality, the international solidarity, the notion of citizenship, are the themes which we were able to approach. I’m looking forward to meeting you.


Jacquet.JulieAmerican by birth, French by blood and Canadian by adoption, Franglish is my language of choice. I have been living in France since September 2012; I don’t know how long I will stay here, or where I will go next. I completed an undergraduate degree in international development and globalization studies at the University of Ottawa and I currently work and volunteer in this field. I am also interested in gardening (urban farming, guerilla gardening), feminist and queer theories, social movements, learning languages (and mixing them together). I love to bike, to hike, to camp and travel. This summer I am walking a large portion of the Santiago Camino in Northern Spain with some good friends.  I also really enjoy coffee and pastries.


GabrielMy name is Gabriel, I live in Montpellier, South of France and I am 23 years old. I travelled in a few European countries, especially in the UK where I studied for one year. I worked in an campus radio station and just got graduated with a degree in political sciences where I specialised in journalism. Along with some friends, I am working on a cartoon project dealing with French political news in a humoristic way. The ominous, spreading political distrust in France is one great issue that brought here. Keen on grass roots political activism, I think the “Wiki Week for development” 2013 will match for a great brainstorming about Europe and the ways we want to mold it. No doubt this is the opportunity to grab creative, stimulating techniques for raising awareness in Europe – and hopefully to make new friends 🙂 I regard myself as a dynamic, friendly person, keen on thoughts sharing and on team working. I am looking forward to meeting you all!


ManosHello! My name is Damianos, which is the greek version of Damian, but everybody calls me Manos. I am 25 years old and I come from Kavala, a small yet pictursque town in the northern part of Greece.A few months ago I got my license as a lawyer, after two years of working as a trainee lawyer. I attend a master’s program in commercial law, too, As a person I have always been intrigued by foreign cultures and having an innate inclination for language, I have spent a significant amount of time, and money, on learing foreign languages. Without claiming to be specialized in EU law, however being more accustomed to legal matters, I hope that I will be able to contribute to the workshop, at least concerning the matters of my area of expertise, which I think will provide to the team a more solid base towards the goal of this workshop. In my spare time I participate in theatrical groups as an amateur actor. Acting is something very creative and interesting, compared to the monotonous life of a lawyer. Participating in a play requires discipline, team spirit, coordination and commitment. It is a process through which you learn to support and respect your team player, be ready to help whomever needs your help and by return ask for help and get it when most needed. Our last play was, based on and inspired by Odyssey, was written by three different persons, one of them being me. It was my first attempt to write and the reviews I got where encouraging. I am looking forward to meeting the rest of the participants. I am sure that we will work together for the purpose of the workshop and that we will spend eight wonderful days having a great time.


464240_3738537975881_1696682651_o My name is Guillemette, I’m nineteen and I’m a french student in litterature. I belong to a student association called “Les films au clair de lune” and we have gone to Togo last year during summer in an orphenage to make short movies with children. The movies dealed with different topics of prevention : malaria, epilepsy and AIDS. Since this summer we have begun to work on different other projects in Morocco for exemple. That is why I’m really enthousiastic to participate to this wiki week in order to learn about education to development and meet other people interested in these kind of actions and projects !



JamieI am a second year graduate student in the Atlantis Programme completing a double-masters in Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of Florida and in Rural Development at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. My research interests include land tenure policy, rural social movements and niche product marketing of local and regional products. This concentration stems from an undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Florida. I was able to gain experience in the field when studying and researching in the forestry department as a student at the Universidade Federal do Paraná in Curitiba, Brazil in 2011, and while completing a case study on local initiatives in Nitra, Slovakia in the summer of 2012. I also worked as a farmhand while studying at my home university Florida. I’m currently completing my coursework in Berlin, Germany and beginning my thesis process over the summer. I hope to work with small holder farmers to better their access to market and begin initiatives to encourage the purchase of local foods. In addition to school, I play the viola, do triathlons, work for a transdisciplinary collaboration team at HU, learn languages, participate in Slow Food Youth Berlin and enjoy cooking.


MarionHello, my name is Marion, I am 24 years old. I come from Toulouse, France and I am a little bit Italian by the side of my father. I have been living in Paris for 3 years now to get a master’s degree in Cultural Management in Europe. Right now, I am trying to learn Arabic, and I am working on MyMED, a project around the Mediterranean in order to meet young cultural project leaders, citizens, and artists attending cultural events or places, or being members of a cultural group/collective involved in society as active citizens. I’ve always been interested in multicultural cooperation, and since my Erasmus in Slovenia and then my internship in organization regarding the Mediterranean area, cultural and international cooperation really became the field I want to work in. I am volunteering in a few associations for intercultural and interfaith dialogue. I am convinced meeting and sharing with different people really enriches us and is the only way to make a better word we can live in together. I also love to spend time and share with people I could not meet at home, so I am really looking forward to meet you all!


LuminitaHello, my name is Luminita Oltenacu, I am from Romania and I am one of participant at the Grudving programme  that will take place in Rennes-France. I was applying in this workshop because I want a new perspective and the possibility to  changed the way in which I view myself and my work and also because I want to discover the priorities and issues faced by those from other countries  – so this program is definitely a chance to broaden my horizons! Like Socrates used to say: “As long as I live and grow up older, I eternally continue to learn” , for me this is my motto in my life and I try to apply it in every aspect of my life,  I also can say about me that I am a dedicated person with a positive attitude, and the confidence that challenges are there to be overtaken, so I feel that  working in a challenging and dynamic, highly international environment like this programme, my abilities are to be used to the fullest, on both sides reward.  I am aware of the fact that apart from the challenge mentionned before, being in this project also represents a lot of hard work, but also represents a new perspectives that generate new alternatives and through this I can obtain more freedom when choosing my next steps in the path of life and to make a difference where it counts.


AliceHi everybody! My name is Alice Pietropolli, I am Italian and 26 yo. I am studying (almost finisihing) a master in Sustainable Territorial Development. It is an Erasmus Mundus Program organized by the Universities of Padova (Italy) Leuven, (Belgium) and Paris1- Sorbonne (France) in partnership with the Universidade Catolica Dom Bosco in Campo Grande (MS, Brazil). I’ve just come back from Brazil where I’ve done an internship. I’ve got a background in International cooperation and rural development, and I have had several different experiences with cooperation projects and intercultural exchanges. One of my favourites is the project I’ve been involved years ago organized by the municipality of my city (Venice) together with the Municipality of Rishon LeZion (Israel) and the Palestinian Authority of Nablus (Palestine). That was one of my strongest experiences with different cultures, conflict and one of the periods of my life I’ve grown the most. Now I am more and more interested by the challenges of sustainable development for my country, that is facing an hard time and by the need of a change in the relationships of power between actors in the civil society. I am really curious and I love to observe things in order to understand processes. My expectations over the WikiWeek for development are very high and I can’t wait to start!


AlonHi, I am Alon. I was born in Israel but have since the age of 3 wandered the Uk (with my parents and 3 siblings), living in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and now England. At the moment I am lucky enough to be in Brighton on the (sometimes) sunny south coast of England, where I am studying Anthropology and International Development. I am passionate about working with children and nurturing their inquisitive and curious nature. I have volunteered in schools in Ghana and Swaziland and have been involved in projects for children, from tennis coaching to pitta bread workshops, as well as working with young boys with autism and severe and complex learning difficulties in a residential school. I am excited to explore ideas and perspectives of the world we live in, the social and cultural forces that shape it, and issues of social justice and sustainability. I hope especially that this week will inspire me to find the personal commitments I can make in helping to construct and express alternative visions and narratives of the future. I look forward to meeting new open minded, open hearted people and the wonderful opportunity to extend our notions of community internationally. Good luck until then!



FlorianMy name is Florian! I am happy to have the chance of meeting all of you in June! I am 30 years old and come from Hamburg in northern Germany. It is a big port city and both Northern and Baltic Sea are very close by …and it always rains!;) I studied environmental sciences and dealt with (non)sustainability issues on various scales. My final thesis I did on producer-consumer-networks in agriculture. Right now I am searching my dream job! In the meantime I am engaged in different projects and take part in a fair trade education program with school classes in Hamburg. This is one reason why I am so excited about the contence of the wiki week for development! I expect to get new ideas and learn techniques about how to raise awareness about global inequalities! I took part in the GLEN (Global Learning + Education Network) program in 2007, in which I spent three months working in an agricultural project in Sénégal. Since then I regularly participated in international workshops on development cooperation and global education. Apart from that my passions are traveling, languages, cooking, music, sport… I have just returned from a Guatemala to Colombia backpacking journey, which was more than awesome! I am looking forward to discussing, celebrating, thinking, singing, dancing, being active and creative with you!


Mart TrasbergDifferent experiences home and abroad have inspired my interest in the social development in different parts of the world, and the challenges of global education have been in the forefront of my interests for a long time. I have a B.A. in Political Science from University of Tartu (Estonia) and M.A. in Latin American Studies from University of Salamanca (Spain). In 2010 I participated in an international exchange program at University of São Paulo in Brazil, where I combined my studies with volunteer work in NGO Arca das Criancas, giving sports lessons to favela kids. I have also worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia, where I covered different topics related to EU foreign policies. Besides that, I have served as an assistant teacher in a high school in my hometown Tartu, Estonia, and conducted academic research in Haiti and Dominican Republic. This Fall I will start my Ph.D. studies at Tulane University in the United States, where will be focusing on the development challenges in African and Latin American regions. The research questions that I want to address there are conncected to sustainable development and gender relations in different developing countries.


My name is Esra TÜRKMEN. I am from Antalya, Turkey. I have been an English teacher at a primary school in the town centre of Yağlıdere, Giresun since 2008. From my experience, I feel that meeting others is the best way to open one’s mind and to feel like learning. Creating human links is the best way I have found to stimulate an involment in learning. I want to learn more about cultures by sharing their ideas cooperatively and peacefully. By means of different programmes, I can find chances to learn different cultures. I went to USA bwith the programme of work and travel in 2006. I participated in a training course in Exeter, England financed by Comenius in 2010. The workshop will contribute to me much more professionally than personally.  I will find a chance to be in a different country and learn a new culture, even learn different cultures by means of the other participants. The exhange of experiences among the participants will help me understand cultural diversities.


EwelinaMy name is Ewelina and I come from lovely city of Białystok in northeastern Poland. From the region of wild forests of Białowieża, great hospitality and multicultural heritage. This June I will be happy and free graduate of high school, having longest holidays in  my life ahead of me.  In near future I see myself as a satisfied student of politics or law, trying to run the world. In my free time I take part in different volunteer activities, lately being especially involved in European Youth Parliament which brings me a lot of fun, but challenges and experience at the same time. In that way I had a chance to attend multicultural events where we shared our ideas and dreams. I love being active and involved in whatever I am taking part in, not to loose any opportunity to gain from other people. With a great willing I wait for new adventures, new people, new experiences.  LOVE FROM POLAND!


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