The Trainers


SusanI am Susan Clarke, the Artistic Director and co-founder, 28 years ago, of B arts, a company of cultural leaders and participatory artists based in North Staffordshire in the north west midlands in the UK. We work with disenfranchised people and excluded communities locally and internationally. I was born and educated in rural Kent in the south of the UK.

After university and clown school in London I moved to North Staffordshire in order to start the company, that became B arts. With B arts I have worked closely with communities and individuals across the UK, Italy, France, Hungary, Romania, Tunisia, New Zealand and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Most recently I was the lead artist for B arts on the Ripple Effect, a learning exchange between artists in the UK, France India and Indonesia. My practice uses visual theatre, digital moving image, lanterns, food, puppets, and writing to make theatre, films, events, celebrations, consultations and training projects that explore who people are, the place in which they live, how we live together and the stories we tell. I am currently working on setting up an artist led real bread bakery/ arts space in Stoke-on-Trent, the city where we are based.


DusanDushan is a freelance trainer and facilitator since 2006, working around Europe and mostly focusing on topics such as volunteering, intercultural learning, gender and team building. He enjoys experimenting with new tools and methods, which is bringing him back to Wiki Week for the second time. Dushan took part as a trainer in our project last year and now he is coming back with some new ideas, which will hopefully have even better experience with development of new tools.


LucBorn in 1974 in Rennes (France), he is our local expert! After publishing 10 issues of his own fanzine in the beginning of the 90’s, Morvandiau  writes and draws satirical cartoons for news magazines and comics/graphic novels with many alternative publishers. From 2001 to 2011, he was the director of Périscopages, international annual event about alternative publishers and comics creation. In 2010, he works as artistic adviser on the special comics issue from the french political newspaper Le Monde Diplomatique. Since 2011, Morvandiau is in charge of a comics workshop in the art department of Rennes University.

Selected books:

Mon programme pour la France, Marwanny corporation, 2012
Santa Riviera, le venin des passions, avec Mancuso et Magali Arnal, les Requins Marteaux, 2010
Les affaires reprennent, les Requins Marteaux, 2010
D’Algérie, Homecooking books, 2007
Mémoires d’un commercial, les Requins Marteaux, 2003


BehjatHello my name is Behjat, I am a visual artist, born in Sulaimaniyah, a beautiful city in Kurdistan surrounded by mountains in the north of Iraq. I have been living in the UK, in Stoke on Trent since 1999. In 2010 was awarded a First Class Honours BA in Fine Art from Staffordshire University.  After finishing my study I lived and worked as an artist, taking a number of commissions and showing my works widely across UK, Norway, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, Australia, Iran and Iraq. I now work mainly with drawing, photography, and video installation. Through the work, I primarily deal with people’s lives. I use art to listen to peoples’ stories and try to create a platform for the debate. To me art is a way to raise questions about who we are and how we place ourselves in the world. It is a way to be in touch with our responses to life and a way of speaking that allows viewers to translate, decode and change it into their own languages.

I have just completed a commission for The London Road Festival in Stoke-on-Trent where I have been working with children in local schools, adults, families in community centres, and an artists group to create collection of large-scale artworks that will be displayed outdoors on shops and homes in London Road. I am planning an MA in Fine Art at the Gothenburg University in Sweden.


Photo DamienBorn in 1981, Damien Roudeau is an illustrator based in Paris, specialized in graphic and comic report.

Graduated in illustration from Estienne school, he publishes since 2005 travel notebooks and reports, through long-term subjects, in autarkic presumed universes (electronic tribes, Emmaüs communities, drug users, homeless people…).
After being part of “Eyes in the world” collective (2003-2012), Damien joined, in january 2013, the collective of documentary makers Argos, who counts photographers, writers… and from now one drawer.
More on : http: // / damien-roudeau
Bibliography : 10 ans de free (éditions techno plus, 2005) ; Matin rouge (éditions Bandes à part, 2008) ; Têtes de pioche (éditions Corac, 2009) ; Rosny, grandeur nature, (éditions Folies d’encre, 2011), Dosta ! vol. 1 & 2 (éditions Vide Cocagne, 2012). 
Bibliographie sur le site des Yeux dans le monde.


sophady Sophady, president of the Association MANAA GROUP, 30 years old, our purpose is to promote the creations of animation andartistic projects films in Rennes (Kino, with schools and colleges).

logo kurioz


KuriOz is an association of public education that accompanies the general public and especially youth, to change behavior and encourage more civic engagement and solidarity on themes related to peace, solidarity and sustainable development.


Rash braxHe has been diplomat, social worker, humanitarian worker, unemployed, communication specialist … He is also a cartoonist and caricaturist. A ten-years carrer and 700 cartoons on the humanitarian world and the international cooperation field. Rash likes to provoke to make us laugh louder…and think.


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