Day-to-Day Road Book

Day 1:

Keep calm, the Wiki Week is coming…

Here we are in Rennes! Almost all participants had their flight on time (you’ll ask Jamie ;)) and as we are writing, they are all safe in their rooms 🙂 Dushan,  our super Serbian trainer, also arrived tonight and he’s gonna be with us until Tuesday night.
It is great to finally meet and everybody looks happy to be here! The journey from Paris to Rennes and the dinner were good opportunities to get to know each other.

P1080610We started some ice-breaking, warming-up and team-building activities led by Dushan with his communicative enthusiasm. Everyone was also invited to share his/her expectations, contributions and fears about the Wiki Week. Then, we presented the programme and the objective of the week: to create collective global education awareness raising tools.

It was already time to go to bed for a well deserved rest! Tomorrow is gonna be a big day with the visit of the eco-citizen Pachamama farm, where we’re gonna have an “insolent meal” all together. We’ll tell you more about it in the next post 😉


Day 2:

Hey Wiki Weekers followers! Today was dedicated to Mother Earth!

P1080706We shared an Insolent Meal at the PachaMama Farm led by Anouk, Régis and Delphine. It allowed us to discuss the wealth distribution around the world and to think about international trade regulations. It was a great opportunity to raise our awareness on these issues while spending great time together.



We had lunch and went for a bucolic walk around the farm before to  join the International House of Rennes. Dushan challenged us with a team-building game and we managed it really well thanks to an amazing cooperation spirit among the group. It really doesn’t feel as if we met yesterday!
Through a world café, we started a debate on the views of development, international solidarity, inter-cultural learning and global education.

P1080713We were then joined by the president of Etudiants et Développement, Antoine Mathieu, the president of the international house of Rennes, Danielle Nezhaoui and the responsible for youth programs for the city of Rennes, Morgan Chauvel for the official welcome reception.

It was then time for us to enjoy a dinner at the good Lebanese restaurant the Adonis.

Day 3:

P1080750Today, we got closer from our main subject: global education tools. Damien Roudeau and Rash Brax joined us and showed us their work. It led us to discuss the use of drawing to reach a goal: to create link with people, to call people to mind, to represent situations that can not be filmed or photographed… They also gave us useful tips for drawing and everyone could start working on his masterpiece.

Dushan closed this hard working day by a very interesting presentation about non-formal education. He also energized us a lot as always! We sadly had to say him goodbye tonight.

P1080836We finaly enjoyed a relaxing dinner in the beautiful restaurant l‘Aromatik where we could taste delicious organic and local food before a board game night at the Café Laverie. It was a long day again but we keep enjoying and we are so enthusiastic about the upcoming activities…

Day 4:

Today was the day where the real work began! The one all the Wikiweekers were waiting for: the beginning of the four creative workshops!


– Multimedia: Led by Sophady Sock, the group got familiar with several graphic software to be able to create diverse communication materials on global education. The topic is still to be determined so you will have to wait a bit more to know the final results!

– Drawing: Energized by the talented Damien Roudeau, our best drawers started to paint, draw, combine images for the first step of their innovative creation process.


– Role playing: Pauline Wetzel, from Kurioz, implemented games on knowledge, feelings, and links between images and their associated representations in international solidarity. The Wikiweekers were very productive and they already selected the objectives, tools and topics necessary to create an educational tool on global education! But sssshhh it’s still a secret!

– Video : The group worked on storyboards while we were all waiting for the trainers of
B-Arts, Susan Clarke and Bejhat Abdulla, to arrive in Rennes despite air traffic controllers strike and airplanes delays… But they finally made it and everybody started!

After such a productive day, the very well deserved dinner break finally arrived in the “Bistrot à Tartines” a lovely old-fashioned restaurant which treated us with delicious “tartines” and homemade cakes!

Tomorrow the creative process will continue even harder but no worries our Wiki Weekers are still feeling all the Dushan’s energizers in their bodies and minds!


 Day 5:


Hard work is still in process ! The Wikiweekers continue to be even more committed to achieve their goal: the creation of tools on global education and international solidarity.

P1080925All the groups have now chosen their topics and how they want to talk about it. Pictures have been taken, videos shot around the city, storyboard and roles distributed, drawings got dried and everybody is ready to play, mix, personalize and edit all the materials!


When the day started under the rain it ended with a beautiful and sunny afternoon with a typical meal from Brittany: in the family creperie “A la ciboulette” and with some salsa in a latin bar of the city.


Tomorrow the tools will be finished by our enthusiastic participants and they are already anxious and impatient to know the final results!

Day 6:

P1080987  Today was the time to achieve the tools for each workshop! The Wikiweekers created, cropped, painted, shot, took pictures all day long. They also had to say goodbye to some of our talented trainers: Pauline Wetzel and Luc Morvandiau replacing Damien Roudeau this morning, left after accomplishing an outstanding work!


For our Wikiweekers no night out after a very hard working day and even harder evening! Everything has to be ready for tomorrow: the big final presentation of all the workshops outcomes.


The information is still confidential but here are some pieces: videos and posters on interculturality and inequalities among world youth, storytelling on global education and a game on citizenship.

You got it, tomorrow will be the big outcome of this second edition of the Wikiweek for Development. But don’t cry yet, be patient we’re going to reveal you everything!!!

Day 7: Last but not least…

Today was a very intense day: the Wiki Weekers presented the tools they created in front of the other participants, the trainers and young people from Rennes. Everyone could explain the meaning and the creation process of its tool. We all played the democracy game created by the role playing group and it launched great discussions. We have all been impressed by the quality of their work! Everybody got so committed!


The afternoon was dedicated to evaluate the week, in group and individually. The participants could tell us what they enjoyed and what should be improved. They also evaluate themselves and highlighed the skills they acquired or developed during the workshop.


It was already time to pack our stuff because we are leaving tomorrow at dawn! And tonight, let’s discover Rennes by night and party after so much hard work…


2 Responses to Day-to-Day Road Book

  1. Captain' says:

    Seems great … Go, wiki weekers !

  2. Vincent P says:

    You guys seem to have a good (and productive) time… Enjoy !

    Vincent P, a jealous buddy

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