The Other

Name of the Tool: “The Other”Image

Themes: discrimination, other-hood, conflicted identities.

Objectives of the tool: This tool is meant to study and explore the process of the conflictive identities, the construction of the other, (other-hood- the state of being the other) the mechanism of discrimination.

1. The participants will experiment in their own life discriminate and to be discriminated.

2. The participants will find the differences among them and use them to establish groups.

Target-group: any group 

Number of participants (minimum and maximum): Min 10 Max 30

Material needed: post it (2x participants), pen (number of participants), flip chart, and marker.

Space: a room

Duration: 1h30


1. Energizer: make a circle with all the participants then try to catch the finger of your neighbour. Concentration game. (5min)

After energizer the facilitator bring the group in silence and give the participants following tasks

2. Sit down and take some minutes to think about the group. Think about the characteristics of the group.  (5min)

3. Take 30 seconds to write one difference and one similarity each on a different post it. (1min)

4. Facilitator takes the post-it and read in loud voice only the differences and the dynamic continues with active participation. (3min)

5. After reading the common differences the facilitator say to participants to select mentally a person of the group with who they feel like similar. (3min)

6. After selection of similar person the participants have to mentally select a person with who they feel like different. (3min)

7. After selection of similar and different people the participants should stand and create without words or other communication (it is forbidden to talk) groups of three to five people.

The participants must join the person they selected as similar and form a group. But at the same time no one of participant can allow to the person he/she selected as different be in the same group. (5min)


During the debriefing we make 3 questions (60 min)

1.- How do you feel?

2.- What do you think just happened?

3.- Does the post-it influenced you to take the decision?

4- Do the characteristics of group influenced you on the way to choose the person you think as similar and the other one as different? 

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